Funfetti Milkshake

Jay and Marci

Jay & Marci

Welcome! We are so glad that you are here! We are a couple living in Cincinnati, Ohio sharing our families favorite recipes with you. Every recipe you find here has been made time & time again...and often requested by the kids, friends and family. While Jay loves to use the Blackstone, Marci enjoys the smoker and together we both use the hell out of the Air Fryer! We can't wait for you to try our recipes! Cheers, Jay & Marci


You guys! Jay came up with recipes and we kinda made changes along the way. These Funfetti Milkshakes would be an amazing addition to not only brighten the kids day, but to surprise your guests with at a birthday party! You could even kill a little bit of time at your next party and have each guest make their own, just have the milkshake portion on stand by!


How to Make Funfetti Milkshakes

Grab your Ingredients

– 48 oz of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – Hershey Syrup – Whipped Cream – Marshmallows – Vanilla Icing – Funfetti Sprinkles (totally forgot to put them in the picture!)

In a blender add in your tub of ice cream. Blend the ice cream until it’s smooth.


We like a thicker milkshake. If you prefer a runnier milkshake you’ll obviously want to add more milk.


If you are using a Ninja like we did, remove the blade and add in your sprinkles. We used 3/4 of a 9 oz bottle of sprinkles for this recipe. Fold the sprinkles in with a spoon or spatula. TIP: DO NOT mix your sprinkles with the blade of your blender. This will turn the color of your ice cream and it won’t look so pretty!


Grab the glasses that you are using and prepare the tops of them. I forgot to take pictures of this step but you can always watch the video below to see exactly how we did this step. Anyhow, using a spatula spread the icing on the top of the glass. Using a flat plate dip your glass in the sprinkles until all the icing is covered.


Fill your glass until nearly full. You’ll want to keep some room in the cup for the whipped cream.


Fill your glass until nearly full. You’ll want to keep some room in the cup for the whipped cream. Top your funfetti milkshake with canned whipped cream. You can use the tub stuff, but I think the canned comes out looking prettier!


Drizzle the top of the whipped cream with chocolate syrup. We repeated this step twice so that you can a taller effect of the whipped cream (a little food styling trick for you all!).



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