Cajun Steak Quesadillas

Jay and Marci

Jay & Marci

Welcome! We are so glad that you are here! We are a couple living in Cincinnati, Ohio and want to share our recipes with you. Every recipe you find here has been made time & time again...and often requested by the kids, friends and family. While Jay loves to use the Blackstone, Marci enjoys the smoker and together we both use the hell out of the Air Fryer! We can't wait for you to try our recipes! Cheers, Jay & Marci


Looking for a quick and easy recipe? These Cajun Steak Quesadillas are over the top with the cajun seaosning. It’s a must try recipe!


How to Make Cajun Steak Quesadillas in the Air Fryer and Blackstone

Grab your Ingredients

– Steak – Onions – Mushrooms – Mexican Blend Cheese – Cajun Seasoning – Butter – Tortillas

All about the Cajun

Sprinkle cajun seasoning or your favorite steak seasoning on both sides of the steak.


Cook the Steak

Place in a greased air fryer basket at 350° or the blackstone and cook for 6-8 minutes for medium rare, 8-10 for well done.


Cut the Steak

Once the steak is cooked to your liking, allow it to rest for 5 minutes. This helps to seal the juices in. Then cut the steak into bite sized pieces.


Butter the Tortilla

On a flour tortilla spread butter over the entire tortilla in an even layer. This allows the cajun seasoning to stick to it and gives it a nice golden brown color once cooked.


Cajun the Tortilla

Sprinkle the cajun seasoning over the butter and place side down on the Blackstone, a skillet or griddle.


Cheese please!

On the side that doesn’t have the butter and cajun seasoning, sprinkle an equal amount of your favorite cheese or whatever you have on hand all over the quesadilla. We ALWAYS have Mexican blend, mozzarella and cheddar on hand and have made it with them all.


Let's Layer!

Top the cheese with mushrooms, onions and steak (or any of the other substitutions you are using) on half of the side of the quesadilla. The cheese only will help to melt on top of the steak and keep all of the ingredients in place.


Melt the Cheese

Fold the tortilla in half by flipping the cheese only side over. Let the cheese melt for a minute or two (every Blackstone distributes heat differently I’ve found so know your Blackstone!).


I'm telling you the cajun is life changing!


We can't wait to see what combos you come up with! Be sure to share with us on social media using #recipesbythemouth!


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