Instant Pot Chili

Jay and Marci

Jay & Marci

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Not gonna lie, once the cooler weather hits our friends ask to come over to watch the Bengals came and demand I make this Instant Pot Chili Recipe. I am going to give you fair warning: It’s packed full of flavor!


How to Make Chili in the Instant Pot

Grab your Ingredients

Ground beef – you can also use ground turkey, mild sausage or chorizo to up the flavor onion rotel tomatoes crushed tomatoes – if you have diced tomatoes on hand you can use them instead of the crushed cumin chili powder curry – if you’ve never had curry powder in your chili, it’s a game changer beef broth salt and pepper

Saute the Beef & Onions

Start by turning your Instant Pot onto saute. This allows the Instant Pot to create heat so that you can brown the hamburger and cook the onions.


Add the ingredients

Once the hamburger is browned and cooked through, add in your remaining ingredients.


Pressure Cook

Secure your Instant Pot lid and make sure that the valve is set on SEALING. This is how the Instant Pot builds the pressure and allows the chili to cook. Set the Instant Pot to Chili Button and make sure the time is set to 12 minutes.


Release the Pressure

Once the chili has cooked allow the Instant Pot to do its natural release. Once there’s no more steam, you can now set your valve to Venting and do a Quick Pressure Release to remove any more pressure. Remove the lid, stir and serve.


A yummy keto friendly chili recipe that's packed full of flavor!


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