Cheesy Bacon Hashbrowns on the Blackstone

Jay and Marci

Jay & Marci

Welcome! We are so glad that you are here! We are a couple living in Cincinnati, Ohio and want to share our recipes with you. Every recipe you find here has been made time & time again...and often requested by the kids, friends and family. While Jay loves to use the Blackstone, Marci enjoys the smoker and together we both use the hell out of the Air Fryer! We can't wait for you to try our recipes! Cheers, Jay & Marci


Need a quick and easy breakfast recipe that utilizes your favorite new kitchen gadget, the Blackstone? Look no further! These Blackstone Cheesy Bacon Hashbrowns are so easy to make I’m sure even your teenager can make themself brunch!


How to Make Cheesy Bacon Hashbrowns on the Blackstone

Grab your Ingredients

– Hashbrowns (fresh from the bag or shredded on a grater) – Bacon – Shredded Cheddar Cheese – Eggs – Salt and Pepper

Prepare the griddle

The first step is to put down some butter over a medium low heat. Remember what we just said about the burning point!


Cook the Hashbrowns

Once the butter is melted, throw down your hash browns. Allow the hashbrowns to crisp on one side and then flip. You want to get a nice crust on these hash browns.


Cook the Bacon

While the hash browns are cooking, if you have room on your Blackstone (we cook with the 36” Blackstone) lay down your bacon and cook on both sides until crispy.


Cook the Eggs

Once the hash browns are cook and crispy, create room to place your eggs. You’ll want to either lower your heat or turn the heat off completely to cook the eggs, I prefer over easy!


Layer the Ingredients

Once the eggs are cooked to your liking and you’re ready to start layering your ingredients!


Serve over your favorite pasta noodle or over broccoli if doing a keto/low carb diet.


If you have a Blackstone, you HAVE. GOT. TO TRY. this delicious breakfast recipe. It doesn't look like much, but damn if it's not delicious and addicting!


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